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Week 3 – Whole30

whole 30

This past week was tough! My hardest week thus far and I’ll try to explain why, or at least what I’ve learned.

-  Hot Pumpkin tea is where it’s at!

- My body now recognizes processed food and instantly wants to reject them. I’ll spear you the details, it’s TMI. You are welcome.

- But with that said, I still made less than favorable choices all week. We ate out, I made pasta, and I enjoyed a pumpkin cookie once or twice.

- I’ve noticed a change in my sleep patterns too. I don’t know if it’s directly correlated to the food, or a combination of food choices and stress.

- A lot of personal things happened this week and through them I learned something about myself and my relationship with food.

- When I am stressed or am having negative feelings (sad, mad, anxious, etc.) I either want to pig out on junk food or eat nothing at all. Luckily, I have no junk food in the house anymore. I would have to go out of my way to obtain some, and by that time it isn’t worth it anymore.

- I’ve also noticed that I am not actually hungry in most of these instances where I want to binge on junk. Simply grabbing a bottle of water curbs the issue.

- Something I need help with: changing up breakfast in the morning. Especially when I have to run out the door in a hurry it’s hard for me to get creative.

- My focus for Week 4 has to be on Food. That’s what this is all about, after all. Good, whole, clean FOOD.

- I’ve already decided that I will do the Whole30 again. I need it. My body needs it.

Weigh in results:

Monday, October 1st: 220.2
Monday, October 8th: 216.4
Monday, October 15th: 215.0
Monday, October 22nd: 214.9

You can see my tough week reflected in the weight loss. Headstrong onto Week 4…