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I Joined the Gym!

It happened! Soon after work Alex and I headed down to our local Planet Fitness to rejoin after a year+ hiatus. Once the paperwork was done and fee was paid, we hit the equipment.

I spent 42 minutes on the treadmill doing random intervals at different inclines. I didn’t keep track of what I did, at which setting, or for how long. I just went with what felt good since this was my first outing in a while, and the first since my plantar fasciitis began acting up.

I do know that I ran at a speed of 4.5mph for a quarter mile. And I was pain free!

After the treadmill I completed a 5 minute cool down and 5 minutes of stretching.

Truth: It felt really good to work up a sweat again.


Slow and Steady

It’s Monday! I swear time is flying by!

Yesterday Alex and I hit the gym for workout number two of the new year. I did cardio and weights, he just did weights.

I want to be able to work up a good sweat all while easing my way back into running jogging. So I hit the treadmill for 35 minutes of cardio and came up with a nice balance of slow and steady. My heart rate was up, I was sweating, and the calories were burning. Best of all, it was another pain free workout! :: thumbs up! ::


It is likely that I will stick to this routine for a few days until it becomes comfortable, then I will change it up. The last thing I want to do is have another set back or flare up.


Once I was done with cardio I hit the weight machines for an arm workout. Man, I hate arm workouts!


I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday. I am working until 1 pm then I will be in countdown mode until the kickoff of the BCS National Championship game. I will be the crazy girl who is decked out from head to toe, yelling and screaming, just hoping my Seminoles bring home the victory!


GO NOLES! >>–;;–>>